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Your electrical service and the service panel (circuit breaker panel) are the heart beat of your home’s electrical system.  Our electricians will will make sure your service and panel are up to date, but practical for your home no matter what the size of the house you call home is.  That’s why if you have enough power in the home, but need a few more spaces for new circuits and circuit breakers a sub panel could be the right answer for you.

Our Milwaukee electricians know that service panels in old homes where often limited by the amount of circuit breakers allowed to be installed in them.  That is not the same thing as a service that doesn’t have enough power.  If you need a new circuit in the kitchen because a new microwave trips the existing one, that doesn’t mean time for a new electrical service.

The electricians at 3 Phase Power can install a multi-circuit sub panel next to your main service panel to give you more room to add the new circuits needed to serve the modern home.

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