Residential Electrical Service

Our job at 3 Phase Power is to provide you with electrical service that keeps your electrical system fully operational. Almost everything in your home depends on electricity to function, and can cause unnecessary stress when it is not working.  With code updates and new technologies, it is important to have your home’s electrical system inspected to be sure it is functioning properly to prevent dangerous scenarios like house fires. Our electrical service is always available to help reduce the time that you are without power so that you can be comfortable in your home.

Commercial Electrical Service

3 Phase Power understands that businesses need their electrician to get the job done correctly and quickly, in order to minimize disruptions and downtime. We work with small and large companies to help with wiring, rewiring, lighting, and lighting upgrade projects to keep overhead down, sales up, and keep the work environment comfortable. Our office and facility lighting solutions can help employees perform more efficiently and reduce side effects associated with poor lighting in the workplace.

Generator Installation & Service

A generator installed by our electricians will protect your home or business from the inconveniences of power outages. Whether you are home, at work, or on vacation your standby generator will automatically power on in the event of an outage. Standby generators prevent disruption in daily activities and offer many budget-friendly options. Our 3 Phase Power team will install your new generator and provide regular maintenance and service to ensure you are prepared in the event of an outage.

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