Lighting Upgrades

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Commercial Lighting Upgrades

At 3 Phase Power we believe that replacing your old lighting systems with our electricians is best way to not only give your business a new look, but lower your utility bills that are hurting your bottom line.  If you are staring at old lighting at your Milwaukee area business or commercial property everyday, let the best Milwaukee electricians, 3 Phase Power, give you a hand with improving your investment.

Benefits of Upgrading Existing Commercial Lighting

Lighting upgrades with our electricians are designed to reduce energy usage, lowering utility bills that can cost a business owner lots of money.  The new lighting systems are also designed to produce better lighting at the same time.  That means a commercial lighting upgrade will immediately lower electrical costs, have an average 24 month payback on the utility bill, and instantly increase in the value of your building.

Commercial Lighting Upgrades

  • Replace entire lighting system in full
  • Replace overhead lighting
  • Fixture replacement
  • Occupancy/Vacancy controls
  • Daylight and photocell controls
  • LED retrofits
  • Ballast replacement

We hire the best electricians in Milwaukee at 3 Phase Power to help you evaluate, design, and install lighting that will brighten your day as well as your business.

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