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Knob and Tube

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Knob and tube wiring was the manner in which electrical systems were first designed for homes in the late 1800’s.  Because of the way that knob and tube was installed it is impossible for the outlets, switches, and light fixtures to be grounded safely.  Furthermore, most of each home was wired with only a couple of circuits.  That means that adding modern amenities to knob and tube wiring would be a large mistake.  One would end up with too many appliances and electronics on a circuit, therefore tripping the circuit breaker constantly.

Our Milwaukee electricians know the biggest problem with this old wiring is of course the safety concerns.  Ungrounded wiring is a concern not matter what the age of the system is, but when you combine ungrounded wiring with wires that are over 100 years old, the safety concerns grow.  Even insurance companies know of the problems and will often deny or revoke coverage to the homeowner if there is knob and tube in the home.

3 Phase Power can help by giving you an evaluation of where and how much knob and tube wiring you have in your home.  We will let you know what circuits will need replacing and how much it will cost before we get started.  Our electricians will walk you through your options so replacing your knob and tube wiring is a pain free as possible.

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