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Generator installations by 3 Phase Power electricians in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Southeast Wisconsin helps customers keep their homes comfortable and well lit.  A generator installed by our electricians will protect your home against power outages whether you are home, at work, or on vacation.  Your standby generator will go on instantly in the event of an outage, and stay on until power is restored.  Standby generators have many options to choose from. These options make sure to keep you on budget while giving you the protection you need.  3 Phase Power electricians are also able to service generators in order to ensure you remain covered for the long term.

Generac generators are the most popular automatic standby generator in America. Property owners need to make sure they are prepared for unpredictable, extreme weather and occasional power outages that can occur at any moment. Automatic standby generators offer sizes ranging from 9 kw to 60 kw. That means you can cover anywhere from only essential circuits to your entire property. Generators restore power within seconds of utility power loss, and quietly test themselves regularly to make sure they are ready when it is needed.


Automatic Generator Power Backup


Generators installed in the Milwaukee area are automatically backing up your power with no work from you. The power is restored whether you are home or away, awake or sleeping. Portable generators need to rolled out, gassed up, and plugged in. You don’t even need to push a button if you have a automatic generator. Automatic power systems are the best solution for extended power outages.

  • Lost Food: Losing your fresh and frozen food supply can be quite costly and frustrating. This is especially the case if lose power due to severe weather. Having 3 Phase Power electricians install an automatic standby generator will keep you prepared, because your refrigerator and freezer will continue to run as usual.
  • Heating and Cooling: Severe weather has the high potential of cutting all power in a neighborhood. A generator installed by 3 Phase Power allows you the ability to keep your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Full Functioning Business: Power outages are terrible for your business and can cost thousands in lost revenue. Make sure that your business is prepared so that you can stay open during any power shortage.

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