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Switches and Outlets

Milwaukee Electricians-3 Phases Power Wauwatosa, WI USB OutletsOur electricians know that electrical switches and outlets are the main ways homeowners utilize electricity in their house.  We help you decide the best way these small devices fit your lifestyle.  Whether you need more outlets, a switch relocated, or just want to upgrade to a new look or the latest technology, 3 Phase Power will make sure your home is functioning at its best.

How do you know if you need to update your switches and outlets?

The Milwaukee area has many old homes where the switches and outlets are past their life expectancy.  Some homes even have 90 year old switches and outlets original to the home!  The age of the devices matters, but so does the manner in which they were wired at the time of installation.


Our Milwaukee electricians recommend upgrading for other reasons as well:Milwaukee Electricians-3 Phase Power Milwaukee, WI 2 Prong Outlet

  • Crackling or popping when the switch is turned on or off
  • Outlets with integrated USB outlets
  • Cord plugs that simply fall out of the loose outlets
  • Ungrounded or “Two-prong” outlets
  • Lack of GFCI outlets near sinks, tubs, kitchen counters, and laundry area
  • Cheap home builder grade outlets
  • Quick connect back-wiring that is a poor connection
  • Need of dimmers
  • New smart technologies in home automation

Milwaukee Electricians-3 Phase Power Milwaukee, WI Switches3 Phase Power’s electricians will help you through all the decisions you need to make regarding an outlet and switching upgrade.  We are dedicated to improving your safety and improving the look of your home.  We also know that modern appearances, safe technologies, and convenient locations of devices improve the value of your home as much as the function.





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