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House Rewiring

Milwaukee Electricians-3 Phase Power Caledonia, WI Double Tapped Circuit Breaker3 Phase Power knows that there are many homes in the Milwaukee area that are in need of an electrician to rewire outlets, switches, light fixtures, circuits, and even entire homes.  Rewiring your home not only increases the safety for everyone inside, but also the value of the home increases with new wiring that meets modern electrical code.  Our Milwaukee electricians will help you decide which option is best for your home and lifestyle.


Indicators that it’s time for a rewire:Milwaukee Electricians-3 Phase Power Milwaukee, WI Switches    

  • -Lack of GFCI outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, and near other sinks, tubs and outdoors.
  • -Ungrounded or “Two-prong” outlets that are not properly grounded to meet today’s codes.
  • -Frequently tripping circuit breakers means an overloaded circuit from additional appliances, and an additional circuit is needed.
  • -Old cloth wiring that is crumbling.
  • -Dimming or flickering lights can be a sign that the power draw of an appliance that is turned on  is too much for the circuit or service, and an upgrade or additional circuit is needed.
  • -Extension cords running throughout the home means the need for more convenient outlet placement


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