Older homes in the Milwaukee area are missing many of the modern safety measures. At the time that these homes where built, people didn’t know of many potential dangers, or have the technology to prevent them. When you come home you want to feel safe. That’s why we offer home inspections to those who are concerned that their is not as protected as it could be. Whether safety features are missing, faulty, or not installed properly, our Milwaukee electricians will make sure that everything in your home is in working order.

What does the inspecting electrician look for?

1.  Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors-We test both of these alarms during the inspection.  If they are not up to par, we will offer you the best solution to fix them.

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2. Service Panel-We check for the signals that an old service panel is not meeting the modern standards. From corrosion, to signs of burning, to circuit breakers that are know to fail (Federal Pacific), our electricians will make sure your electrical service won’t let you down.

3. Grounding of the home-Often times old Milwaukee homes have had the grounding of the electrical system disconnected or cut. This can be dangerous to you and your home. Losing the ground connection can happen when other service companies are working on the home, and are not aware of how old grounding systems were installed. 3 Phase Power electricians will inspect for these problems, and let you know of the options to fix them when they are found.

4. Surge Protection-This is the best way to protect your electronic and appliances from voltage spikes from lighting and other causes. We will test your power strips that have surge protection (not all power strips have surge protection), but also will check any whole house protection you might have.

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5. Check GFCIs and AFCIs-Having GFCI outlets near sinks, showers, and tubs has been code for several decades now. We check the older homes in the Milwaukee to make sure that they have been updated along with those and other codes that require GFCI protection. We also check existing GFCI outlets to make sure that they have not gone bad over the years. AFCI’s are relatively now technology that protect against arc flashes that happen throughout the home, like that “spark” you see when you plug in an appliance that is already switched on. AFCI devices prevent those “sparks” from happening, because from time to time those “sparks” can ignite other flammable materials quite quickly.  Our electricians can install these devices with an AFCI circuit breaker or AFCI outlet.

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6. General Code Compliance-We highly recommend that you have a code compliance inspection from a professional electrician if you have an older home in the Milwaukee area. There have been many changes to the electrical code and other building regulations that affect your electrical system. There have also been many findings that past installation methods don’t stand the test of time. From knob and tube wiring to aluminum wires to cloth insulation, our electricians at 3 Phase Power will make you aware of any electrical fire hazards, and recommend the best course of action to fix them.

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