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Circuit Breakers

Milwaukee Electricians-3 Phase Power in Caledonia, WI Broken Circuit Breaker

The safety of your electrical service and circuitry are the top concern for our Milwaukee electrician. An old electrical system can mean an incredible amount of damage to people and property. That’s why 3 Phase Power highly recommends exercising your circuit breakers once a year.

Your circuit breakers are the devices that protect you from overloading the wires in your walls, ground faults (hot to ground), and short circuit faults (hot to neutral). Old circuit breakers can fail with age, meaning they may not protect you from overloads and faults like they once used to.

Most manufacturers agree that after 50 years there is no longer any guarantee that a once successful circuit breaker can still do the job. Some brands that are no longer in production, but still exist in older homes, fail at a rate of greater than 40 percent!

Our Milwaukee electrician will help you to decide whether circuit breaker replacement is right for you. At the same time we can install newer innovations like AFCI and GFCI circuit breakers to keep your old wiring even more protected than ever before.

Surge Protection

Surge Suppressor

Lighting strikes, excessive voltage through the utility lines, or faults in the utility lines can be very damaging and dangerous to your electrical service. It can cause the wiring in your home to overheat, burn, melt the insulation on the wiring, and even break the wires! It can also damage circuit breakers, GFCI outlets, electronics, and appliances throughout the house.

Our Milwaukee electrician can install a whole house surge protector on your main panel. These devices divert the electricity carrying it safely to ground so that your home is kept safe from dangerous overloading.

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